Sub-surface Pond & Lake Aeration Systems

Add Oxygen & Improve Water Quality with a Sub-surface Aeration System

Manufacturers for Subsurface Aerators

AquaAir® Ultra by AquaMaster

AquaAir® Ultra provides ponds and lakes with superior aeration, circulation, and destratification. Dissolved oxygen

(DO) levels are increased throughout the entire water column with the use of bottom-mounted diffusers. The diffusers employ a super fine micro-bubble technology resulting in the highest diffuser oxygen transfer rate (OTR) available today. The micro-bubbles draw water from the pond floor to the surface where atmospheric Oxygen is absorbed and then Transferred throughout the water column. Additionally, this process provides excellent deterrence to thermal stratification (layers of different temperature within the water).

The diffusers are connected to a revolutionary design enclosure containing one of four compressor sizes—by self-weighted Super Sink air supply tubing. System sizes range from ⅓ to 2 HP with one to twelve diffusers.

PondSeries™ Aeration System by AirMax

The popular AirMax aeration system, the PondSeries™ Aeration Systems are powerful enough to aerate ponds up to 8 acres and can be adapted to fit uniquely shaped ponds for maximum aeration. Diverse PondSeries™ systems make aeration a breeze. Our single plate PS10 system is excellent for smaller or regularly shaped ponds while the 8 plate PS80 tackles larger water bodies up to 8 acres, or ponds with an irregular shape that require precision plate placement for even circulation. All PondSeries™ Systems are designed to aerate pond up to 21′ deep.

Robust-Aire™ Systems by Kasco

Kasco Robust-Aire™ Systems are available as complete packages from one to six diffuser heads.  These highly efficient and effective diffused aeration systems are designed and sized to meet most typical aeration applications and come complete with everything you need including all connectors and adapter fittings.  Installation is quick and easy with Kasco’s exclusive SureSink weighted air lines by simply sinking in place without separate weighting or anchoring.

All Robust-Aire diffused aeration systems are available with an optional remote manifold allowing you to install the compressor up to a mile away from the water’s edge. The remote manifold also allows you to adjust airflow to each individual diffuser head to get the balance of airflow and performance you need. Simply run PVC pipe from the compressor to the remote manifold located near the pond or lake edge Kasco’s Robust-Aire compressor can be mounted and installed in a variety of ways:

  • A large base mount cabinet which is typically placed on the ground
  • A post mount cabinet
  • A no-cabinet option with universal compressor mount allowing you to customize your installation

Air Flo 3 System by Otterbine

Diffused air is a simple concept which entails pumping air through a pipe or tubing and releasing this air though a diffuser below the water’s surface. The Otterbine Air Flo 3 system has no visible pattern allowing landscape designs to remain serene and calm.
Able to operate in depths up to and exceeding 40 feet, the Air Flo 2 is unique to the Otterbine aerators line as it uses quiet on-shore compressors that pump air to diffusers placed at pond bottom. Choose between stone diffusers or self-cleaning dome diffusers, (dome diffusers are available as 4-dome, 2-dome or single-dome diffusers.) Diffusers release oxygen throughout the water column creating mass circulation that mixes bottom and top water layers and breaks up thermal stratification.

Quiet Line™ Aeration Systems by Keeton Industries

Based in Wellington Colorado, Keeton Industries, Inc. is a family-owned and operated aquatics manufacturing company. Since its founding in 1972, Keeton Industries continues to promote pond management naturally healthy aquatic habitats, lakes, fisheries and waste water facilities. Solaer features the same sound reduction package as our Quiet Line™ aeration systems, also making them extremely quiet. The 100% recycled plastic cabinet houses all of the critical components including the charge control system that monitors the solar panel array, the equipment load and the battery back-up system.

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