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7.5′ Backwater Boat

The 7.5′ Backwater Boat is an affordable, light weight, durable 2 person boat available in two colors. The Classic has a white exterior and side panels with misty blue seats and footrest and the Sportsman has a camouflage exterior and side panels with a dark green interior, seats and footrest.

Technical Specifications of the 7.5 Backwater Boat

  • Size: 4′ Width x 7.5′ Length x 1.5′ Depth
  • Material: UV resistant unpainted ultra strength plastic 0.3″ thickness and 1/2″ reinforced keel to prevent thinning if dragged.

Equipment Included:

  • 65″ oars that collapse to 34″ for inside storage when not in use.
  • Removable Oar Locks with stainless steel backing plates for reinforcement.
  • Removable stainless steel pad eye/ backing plate on the bow’s exterior for towing.
  • Removable side panels filled with safety floatation foam that add onto the exterior of the boat like armor.
  • Removable footrest filled with safety floatation foam and a 14.5″ x 8.5″ center battery storage compartment.
  • Removable 16″ x 42″ bowed seat for double seating filled with safety floatation foam, two cup holders, two 3″ x 6″ storage spaces, as well as custom slots to tuck feet under the seat when casting for increased safety and support.
  • Removable engraved 1/4″ aluminum transom plate backed by 1″ thick plastic to prevent bending or tearing. The overall thickness of the transom plate is 1.5″.
  • Coast Guard approved for 2 persons at an overall weight of 410 lbs and a 2HP motor and gear.

Types & Features of the 7.5 Backwater Boat


7.5′ Sportsman Boat

White 7.5′ Classic Boat

Oar Lock