AquaMaster Aerators

The Aqua Master Volcano Series ½ HP to 5 ½ HP is perfect choice when a high performance, lower profile, floating surface aerator is desired. Volcano II and Hydromax Aeration Series produce astonishing aeration results due to their high GPM pumping rates and oxygen transfer capabilities.

The Volcano II and Hydromax Series aerate with astonishing results without the rocketing streams and patterns of the other fountain series. In the end you get a subdued, stunning water feature. Interested in learning more? Fill out one of our contact us forms and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Floating Surface Aerators Achieve excellent aeration results while maintaining a low profile. This chemical-free process is created by combining a floating electric motor operating at 1725 RPM with a high-efficiency stainless steel propeller system. The random boil effect results in an oxygen transfer rate starting at 3 lbs. per hour. This continuing cycle of oxygen circulation and induced wave action prevents thermal stratification and supports aerobic bacterial action, resulting in clearer, cleaner, odor-free water.

Etna Table
Volcano Table

VOLCANO II Floating Surface Aerators offer the following Features and Advantages:

  • 3 Year Warranty

  • 3 Year no internal maintenance guarantee

  • 2 Year Warranty, 1/2HP

  • Underwater cable disconnect

  • Exclusive energy efficient motors

  • Stainless Steel Motor Housings

  • Maximum pumping rates and oxygen transfer

  • Precision-machined impeller design

  • 1/2 to 5.5HP, 1 and 3 phase motors

  • Total Component UL, cUL Listed and CE Recognized

  • Easily installed, similar to floating fountain aerators

  • The perfect choice when a low profile aerator is desired

  • Works in unlimited depths as it is float mounted

  • Only requires 3′ of depth

  • Lighting Systems now available for all models

Volcano Aquamaster LED
aquamaster aerator led

Night Glow Lighting