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The Pond and Lake Connection specializes in vegetation control within Right-Of-Way zones. We utilize both mechanical and chemical control methods within environmentally sensitive areas.




Right-Of-Way are land zones involved with common transport of people, utilities, and goods.

  • Federal, State and County Highways and Roads
  • Public Airports
  • Railroads
  • Utilities (power, gas, water)
  • Public Waterways and Surface Drainage Ways
  • Pipelines and Pumping Stations
  • Power Lines


Right-Of-Way Mechanical Maintenance  


Specialized equipment to cut, clear and remove unwanted vegetation. this will provide an immediate vegetation control solution, but may need to be done seasonally.


Right-Of-Way Chemical/Herbicide Control


Specialized equipment in herbicides to control native and invasive vegetation. We are 5A aquatic vegetation control/ 6A Right-Of-Way vegetation control.

Right-Of-Way/Wetland Mowing

The MM-2LX Cutter is a hydraulically driven, two spindle cutting unit that is designed specifically for wetland mowing applications.

  • Capable of cutting vegetation and brush up to 2” in diameter with ease
  • Two heavy-duty rotary blades cut a 76” swath through deep underbrush and tall marsh grasses.
  • Easy to remove due to a 3-point hitch system.
  • Ideal for applications in areas that limit other equipment, such as
    • Phragmites mitigation
    • Pipeline and right-of-way maintenance
    • Fire fighting
    • Management applications
  • Practical alternative to costly aerial herbicide applications or mowing operations
  • in wetland areas inaccessible to non-amphibious equipment.

Right-Of-Way/Wetland Roller Chopping 

The MM-2LX Roller Chopper provides a simple, low cost method that rolls and flattens grasses while tracking, which is ideal for invasive phragmites and cattail control, wetline creation in control burning operations, or creating open water waterfowl habitat.

  • Creates an 8′ open swath with each pass
  • Attaches easily to the 3-point hitch
  • Drum can be filled with water for extra weight.
  • Fast and extremely effective in standing water up to 3′ deep.

Right-Of-Way/Wetland Spraying

The MM-2LX can be outfitted with a Herbicide Spray Rig that works extremely well in applications such as mosquito control, invasive plant control, or pipeline and right-of-way maintenance.

  • 110 gallon bolt-on spray rig package for herbicide or pesticide applications
  • Equipped with a suction hose and strainer
  • Easily replenish tank by dropping hose into available water source
  • Available in hydraulic- or gas-driven version
  • Optional height adjustable, boomless nozzle spray bar


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