Vegetation and Bathymetric Mapping for Ponds & Lakes

Who Will Benefit from Bathymetric & Vegetation Mapping

The Pond and Lake Connection is now partnered with BioBase, a cloud-based software that automates processing of Lowrance™ depth finder sonar log files to make aquatic vegetation and bathymetric maps. We make aquatic plant and lake habitat studies cost effective and produce bathymetric and vegetation maps.
We can provide more efficient and effective results for our customers while providing them with objective and intuitive images and reports. BioBase provides the accuracy to offer more features in less time. Our imagery and layered mapping make it very easy to recommend management techniques.

  • Golf Course Superintendents
  • Lake and Pond Owners
  • Property Managers
  • Homeowner associations
  • Aquatic invasive species managers
  • Anyone with an interest in water
  • Fisheries biologists

Uses of Bathymetric and Vegetation Maps

  • Monitoring sedimentation and formulating cost-effective dredging plans
  • Determining aquatic weed control requirements
  • Calculating accurate surface areas and water volumes
  • Developing habitat improvement plans
  • Developing comprehensive land-use plans
  • Formulating construction and excavation plans
  • Determining pond and lake renovation costs
  • Developing water-use safety plans
  • Determining lake aeration system design parameters
  • Estimating water loss due to drought or irrigation