Equipment for Wetlands and Coastal Areas

Marsh Master

The Marsh Master is a floating transport vehicle to get employees and equipment to certain locations. The design allows for quality flotation, superior stability in the water and low preservation on the track systems. They are used for transporting personnel and equipment through stump filled swamps, floating marsh, marshland, and deep-water crossings.

Marsh Master Vehicle

Wetland and Marsh Cutting

Marsh Master Amphibious Roller Chopper; phragmites and grasses that have been sprayed or are frail from winter time can be toppled and collapsed completely destroying all the stalks so they will not develop back in the spring. It first levels out the stalks with is aluminum body and then slashes up the remaining material with the roller connection attached. Two strong rotary blades cut a 76” swath through extreme underbrush and large marsh grasses.

Wetland and Marsh Cutting

Herbicide Application

Call The Pond and Lake Connection for Renting a Marsh Master to spray, mow and destroy all phragmites! The MM-2LX can be equipped with a hydraulic-driven or gas-driven 110-gallon bolt on spray rig combination for pesticide or herbicide utilization. The spray rig unit is outfitted with a suction hose and strainer that can be easily released into available water source for quick tank replenishment.

This unit works well in applications such as mosquito control, invasive plant control, or pipeline and right of way preservation. They are efficient aquatic tools, which can be used in your marsh surroundings to alleviate and keep phragmites from choking out native species or sabotaging the natural habitat. The Amphibious Sprayer functions in wetlands, marshes, and swamps.

In order to apply herbicides in wetlands, an aquatic permit must get acquired first by the DEEP and DEC Pesticide Divisions and must be made by a licensed applicator for the application process. The MM-2LX Herbicide Sprayer is an amphibious system ideal for spraying objects in swamps, marshes, and wetland terrain that are out of reach by other equipment. Low ground pressure underrates environmental collisions. The hydraulic or gas driven HYPRO D-30 pump transfers hand gun up to 8 gallons per minute at a distance of 65 feet.

Herbicide Roller Chopper

Right of Way

The Marsh Master implements specialized tools and attachments for the amphibious vehicle to get the job done in harsh environments. The Marsh Master is the most versatile, cost-effective and efficient amphibious tool on the market.

Utility & Pipeline

  • The MM-2LX Amphibious Cutter is a hydraulically driven; two spindle cutting system that is constructed specifically for wetland mowing applications.
  • Overall width 90.5
  • Cutting width 76”
  • Ground clearance 28”
  • Max Power Input50 hp
  • May Hydraulic Flow25 gpm
  • Blade tip Speed 17,000 ft/min
  • Cutter weight 710 lbs.
  • Total Unit Weight 7040 lbs.
  • Ground Pressure approx. 1.1 psi
  • Cutting capability Grass, Thick Brush, Small Trees up to 2” Diameter
  • Transport can be towed with a properly equipped pickup truck.
Bushcutter Utility Pipeline Work

This method might not wipe out the population of phragmites if rhizomes don’t execute.

Take caution and make sure you cut at or just above ground level using scissors, shears, weeding sickle.

If you utilize brush cutters, or a weed whacker make sure you are inches above the ground to diminish the damage of small mammals or native vegetation.

Decrease your chances by using the cutting method in late fall or after the ground has frozen.

Be very thorough in clean equipment and clothing after application was used, because you could unintentionally spread rhizomes and seeds to newer areas.


Roller Chopping and Destruction

Roller Destruction
  • Marsh Masters
  • standard for phragmites control
  • Rolls and flattens grasses while tracking.
  • Creates an 8’ open swath with each path.
  • Connects easily to marsh masters, and can be raised or lowered.
  • Drum can be filled with water for excess weight.
  • Effective in standing water up to 3’deep.
  • Flatten and chops tall grasses efficiently.
Marsh Master
  • Overall Width (Roller Only96.0”)
  • Drum Width 86”
  • 16” Drum with drain plug to allow for weighting 4” flat bars welded in chevron pattern welded to roller.
  • Roller Weight 604 lbs.
  • Ground Pressure approx.1.1 psi, minimal environmental impact
  • Productivity(at6mph)approx. 4.2 acres/hr
  • Capability agmites, cattails and marsh grass
  • Transport Can Be Towed with Properly Equipped Pickup Truck

Key Industries Where Marsh Master Can Be Utilized

Marsh Master Vehicle
  • Soil and Groundwater Sampling
  • Conductivity Logging
  • Concreate Drilling
  • Land Management
  • Mosquito Control
  • Municipal Water Way Maintenance
  • Municipal Pond and Reservoir Maintenance
  • Phragmites, Cattails, Invasive Species Control
  • Retention Pond Maintenance
  • Right of way maintenance
  • Pipeline/Utility/Sewer Right of Way Maintenance
  • Powerline Construction and Maintenance
  • Storm Recovery/Cleanup/Debris Removal
  • Surveying and sampling
  • Wetland Mitigation
  • Fire Suppression

Before and After Phragmites Mowing Project in Norwalk, Connecticut

Before Marsh Master 2


IMG_1233 (1)


Marsh Master before 1


IMG_1235 (1)


Marsh Master Service Areas

Service Area

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