Invasive And Nuisance Aquatic Weed Control

Herbicides is a safe and fast way to control invasive weeds. All herbicides are registered and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Plant species, such as water milfoil, duckweed, crested floating heart, and hydrilla are a threat to the health and balance of the aquatic ecosystem. A new and efficient technology called ProcellaCOR will treat weeds while providing long-lasting treatment.

Product Description

ProcellaCOR treats invasive and nuisance aquatic weeds in your pond, lake, river, reservoir, and any aquatic site. This new and highly selective aquatic herbicide provides long-term control of milfoils, hydrilla, and crested floating heart.

ProcellaCOR Benefits

One of the best treatments for aquatic weeds. Here are the following benefits:

  • Due to the long-lasting results, multiple follow-up visits will not be required
  • Selective control – it won’t hurt the native plants in your pond
  • Non-toxic – safe to swim, fish, and boat
  • Less product needed equals less chemicals and cost savings
  • Selective systemic product that moves to the root system

How It Works

ProcellaCOR has an 40x-100x active ingredient that eradicates the invasive aquatic weeds that won’t impact native aquatic species. This selective control will target the growth process of these undesirable plant species. Our aquatic specialists are highly trained and qualified to provide this invasive weed treatment with ProcellaCOR.

ProcellaCOR Effectively Controls

Eurasian Milfoil

Eurasian Milfoil

A rooted, submerged aquatic plant that reduces biodiversity by competing aggressively with native plants.

Variable Leaf Milfoil

Variable Leaf Milfoil

A submerged aquatic plant with heavy and stiff stems whorled around a main stem.



A submersed, much-branched, perennial herb, usually rooted but frequently with fragments seen drifting in the water.

Crested Floating Heart

Crested Floating Heart

Small heart-shaped leaves that float on the water surface while roots grow into the hydrosoil.

ProcellaCOR Specialists

Our PRO certified ProcellaCOR specialists are trained and experienced in using ProcellaCOR for nuisance and invasive aquatic weed control.

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Ask about the ProcellaCOR 3 year warranty with payment terms.

ProcellaCOR provides 3 seasons of milfoil control guaranteed.

Product Label

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