Phosphorus Filtration Technology

Filter Phosphorus. Stop Eutrophication. Restore Water Quality.

Phosphorus is a major issue in limiting nutrients in water resources and creating algal growth. A new phosphorus filtration technology called EutroSORB is a great solution for removing phosphorus rapidly from moving water. EutroSORB is an all-natural and insoluble filtration that does not carry environmental or human health risks. It also does not impact water quality or chemistry. This extremely effective filtration can be easily implemented into wide variety of systems without equipment.


100 lbs. of EutroSORB is required to remove 1 lb. of phosphorus. EutroSORB filter will remove approximately 1/4 lb. of soluble reactive phosphorus from the water. Phosphorus removal efficiency is improved by enhancing contact with the flowing water, while lower contact reduces the phosphorus removal efficiency, but extends the life of the filter.

The following benefits of EuroSORB are:

  • Easy to use
  • Does NOT impact water quality
  • Can be implemented in small or large systems
  • Each filter will remove approximately 1/4 lb. of soluble reactive phosphorus from the water
  • Simply replace filter(s) after recommended intervals
  • Filters can be disposed to a landfill

Eutrophication is one of the largest threats to freshwater resources and can result in degraded water quality and put the entire aquatic ecosystems at risk. Due to it being environmentally compatible, the filter media is safe to aquatic life, does not dissolve, and is removed from the environment when the filter has met capacity.


EutroSORB is efficient in protecting water quality. EutroSORB shows immediate results in decreasing phosphorus levels for water quality restoration. EutroSORB is the new standard for rapid phosphorus filtration in moving water.