South Charlton reservoir is a 207 acre lake in Charlton Massachusetts.  Beginning in the late 1990’s we began experiencing nuisance growth of variable milfoil which the Lake Association tried to control using periodic winter drawdowns and treatment with contact herbicides with variable success.  With the approval of the new systemic herbicide, ProcellaCOR, in Massachusetts in 2019 we decided to treat with it in 2020.  In late May of 2020 the Lake Association submitted requests for quotes to treat 60 acres of the lake to The Pond and Lake Connection and the two other companies approved to apply ProcellaCOR in Massachusetts.  Within 24 hours I received a call from Nick McMahon of The Pond and Lake Connection for additional information.  The other two companies only responded after repeated requests from me.
Because of the prompt and professional manner in which The Pond and Lake Connection responded to our request they were awarded the contract.  They treated the lake on June 18th and had the Technical Specialist for ProcellaCOR on the boat with them.  The treatment took approximately 6.5 hours.  Within a week the milfoil was exhibiting signs of stress and within 2 weeks there was no visible milfoil anywhere in the lake.  On July 15th The Pond and Lake Connection returned to the lake with the Technical Specialist again and performed their post-treatment inspection of the lake which took approximately 2 hours.  They indicated that they could not find any milfoil in the lake.
Over the many years we have been dealing with various companies to treat our lake with herbicides no company has been more professional and thorough in dealing with us as The Pond and Lake Connection.
                    Rob Guerin, President South Charlton Reservoir Association
                     John DiGangi, Director South Charlton Reservoir Association
                     Ziggy Waraszkiewicz, Director and Water Quality South Charlton Reservoir Association

The Pond and Lake Connection Team was awesome to work with. They provided guidance and more importantly consist Customer Service after the sale. Great group and I highly recommend them for your home or business needs! Top notch! Thank you!

Mike Van Steyn

Blooming Grove, NY

This company is amazing!!!!! They are extremely knowledgeable, helpful, always there to answer questions and help with any needs. We had a serious issue with our pond it had algae, no aeration, duckweed, you name it. They came up with a plan of remediation, and it worked perfectly! I cannot say enough good things about this company and their employees. I highly recommend them!

Allen Berkowitz

Norwalk, CT

Horseshoe Pond in Wilton, CT has had a long struggle with lily pads. The pond was slowly morphing back into a marsh. Hoping to avoid this happening we contacted the Pond and Lake Connection. After three years of treatment Horseshoe Pond looks terrific and the town has okayed continued treatments for as long as necessary. Thank you Pond and Lake Connection for your dedication to the environment and your work to help us keep our ponds clean and whole for our community.

Anne Deware
The Friends of Horseshoe Pond
Wilton, CT

The Pond and Lake Connection has always been a great company to deal with. Their service is great and their employees are always knowledgeable and professional. They go the extra mile when it comes to scheduling a site visit and that means a lot to my country club. It is very important to my club that we deal with vendors that have the environment in mind and follow environmental best management practices. The Pond and Lake Connection fits into that philosophy very nicely.

Jim Pavonetti, CGCS
Fairview Country Club
Greenwich, CT

Results. Results. Results. Great service, friendly people – and they listen. We came to Pond Connection after several disappointing experiences, and we couldn’t be happier. They couldn’t be more responsive – or accessible – to the community, willing to address questions or concerns at any time or at any meeting.

We also appreciate that they recommend treatments based not only on aesthetic objectives but on what’s best for the lake. They will not do something to achieve results at the expense of the health of the lake, something we very much appreciate and rely on. They don’t just treat the lake and leave it – they monitor treatments throughout the summer and adjust as/if necessary.
After years of struggling, the lake has never looked better.

Carol Sherwood
Lake Kitchawan Conservation Committee